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FER is a Florida Certified Professional Engineering Business and Florida Certified Professional Geology Business offering a wide range of environmental, engineering, geological and hydrogeological services.

GROUNDWATER. Field measurements, TDS determination; surficial aquifer flow determination; evaluation; classification (GI, GII, GIII).

AQUIFER EVALUATION.Potentiometric surveys, pump, slug tests for transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, storitivity determination, well potential.

SOIL EVALUATION. Soil classification; drill core and sample description; percolation tests.

GEOPHYSICAL EVALUATION. DC resistivity and EM conductivity interpretations; seismic refraction interpretations.

MONITOR WELL SUPERVISION. Field supervision of monitor well installations for assessment purposes.

ENGINEERING AND REMEDIAL SYSTEM DESIGN. Provided by Florida Licensed Professional Engineers. Remedial deign and technology best suited for your specific needs and site conditions.