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FER provides indoor air quality testing and investigations including mold, radon asbestos, lead and toxics. We offer visible emissions and stack testing and air pollution control engineering services.

INVESTIGATION AND TESTING. We can investigate air quality problems including mold, radon, asbestos, lead and toxics and provide appropriate testing.

MOLD. Our certified professionals can perform air, wipe, swab and materials testing for mold and recommend corrective action, as necessary.

RADON. Our certified professionals can perform sampling, diagnostics and mitigation in homes, businesses and schools.

ASBESTOS. Inspections and sampling performed by certified professionals during Phase I, Phase II or pre-demolition.

VISIBLE EMISSION, STACK TESTING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES. Our trained personnel can perform visible emissions (EPA Method 9), stack testing in accordance with 40 CFR Parts 60, 61 and 63 and provide engineering consultation and services relative to numerous air quality issues.